Vata Balancing Guide

These Ayurvedic practices increase stamina and immunity, calm the mind and emotions, and support us in navigating life from a place of depth and authenticity.


  • Wake Up between 5:00-6:00am, or before sunrise.
  • Meditate for 5-20 minutes* either lying in bed or seated. Incorporate bringing awareness to your breath, and visualizing a smooth day.

*If you have a busy day coming up, add 5 minutes to your meditation

  • Scrape Your Tongue with a tongue scraper or the edge of a spoon 5 times from back to front, rinsing it after each pass. Brush teeth and splash water on your face, then,
  • Drink a cup of Warm Water
  • Oil Up! Abyhanga is self-oil massage. Use warm sesame oil and massage it into your entire body, including up your nose and in your ears! Leave it on for 5 minutes—longer if possible—then take a warm shower using minimal soap.  Put on a few drop of your favorite essential oil.
  • Yoga, Walking, Dancing, any movement that is FUN! Don't be excessive about exercise. "Enough is abundance to the wise." -Euripides
  • Breakfast is ideally warm, like hot cereal or stewed fruit. Minimize or avoid caffeine.  


  • Avoid multi-tasking! Let part of your practice involve doing one thing at a time in an unhurried manner.
  • Pause, Breathe, Relax at least once/hour. Take a few mindful breaths while doing nothing else and relax your body once every hour. This takes approximately 20 seconds.
  • Lunch is ideally at the same time every day, and is the largest meal of the day. Eat slowly, and enjoy whole foods with cooked veggies rather than raw. Add ghee or high quality oils to your diet.


  • Go to bed by 10pm. Turn off anything with a screen at least a half hour before bed.
  • Dinner is ideally light, such as vegetarian soup or stew. Mealtimes should be regular, and dinner by 7pm. Avoid eating after dinner.
  • Drink warm, organic whole milk before bed spiced with nutmeg and cardamom and raw honey to help you sleep well. If cow’s milk isn’t agreeable for you, try almond milk.

As nature begins to draw her energies down and in, we can align our organism with her rhythm by incorporating these practices and anything else that helps you slow down, look within, and light your inner flame.

In health, happiness and harmony,