WORKSHOP: Balance Your Hormones with Ayurveda

  • BareSole Yoga 581 Rutland Street Carlisle, MA, 01741 United States

Reclaim your mojo and restore hormonal balance! Primarily through the lens of Ayurveda, we will discuss lifestyle, diet, and stress reduction techniques. Ayurveda is the “science of life” and offers invaluable wisdom to help you get in balance and feel your absolute best.

The workshop will be both experiential and lecture-based, so please come dressed comfortably and ready for gentle movement. You have to feel it to believe it!

In this interactive workshop, we will:

  • Review “stress” and “sex” hormones.
  • Learn what we do to deplete their quantity and quality.
  • Discuss symptoms of imbalance and learn how to restore balance with specific diet, lifestyle, and relaxation techniques.
  • Practice a chakra meditation for endocrine balance.
  • Consider how to transition with ease through the three stages of womanhood.
  • Explore how the mind and body are truly inseparable.