5-Week ‘WholeSum' Package

5-Week ‘WholeSum' Package


5 sessions + 1 free ‘meet-up’ session= 6 sessions for $375

The ‘WholeSum' Package is ideal for folks who are committed to feeling better and ready to take an active role in their own healthcare.
First, we meet for a free discussion where we’ll figure out if what I offer will serve you on your path to feeling great. If we both agree that it’s a fit, we will move forward with scheduling the 5 sessions, one 75 minute appointment per week for 5 weeks.

~Sessions are tailored to your individual needs~

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Treatments may include:
Ayurvedic consultation(s) (see above for detailed description)
Personalized Yoga routine (see above for detailed description)
Marma therapy (relaxing body work on vital energy points)
Abhyangha (oil massage with oil suited for your constitution)
Meditation and pranayama
Ayurvedic cooking lesson in your home

Included additional perks:
Ongoing support for questions that arise over the 5 weeks
Herbal formula
Guided cleanse
Ayurvedic starter kit (additional cost)
My guarantee that you will feel significantly better after our 5 weeks together.

Contact me to set up your free appointment!