yogaś citta-vṛtti-nirodhaḥ” Yoga is to still the patterning of consciousness -Patanjali

My yoga teaching style encourages introspection, fluidity and strength. As we draw our attention inward and learn to witness the body as a field of sensations that changes moment by moment, we are better able to inhabit our bodies with respect and become our own best healer. 

A slow, smooth rhythm of movement synchronized with the breath frees stagnation in the body, which is root cause of pain and myriad health concerns. My public yoga classes take into account Ayurveda’s guidelines for harmonizing our bodies and minds with the season. Individualized sessions expound on those principles as they apply to the unique person’s constitution. The Hatha Yoga lineages that I've studied predominately are Kripalu Yoga and Shadow Yoga.

Yoga Classes and Ayurveda in Belmont and Arlington MA with Emmie Stammell

Yoga Classes and Ayurveda in Belmont and Arlington MA with Emmie Stammell

Private sessions:
Private yoga sessions are an invaluable tool for turning yoga into personalized medicine. Based on your unique constitution and taking into consideration physical limitations and any mental/emotional concerns you may have, we tailor a yoga practice for you that we will record so you have it to take home as an audio file. It is ideal to schedule an Ayurvedic consultation prior to a private yoga session so that I have a thorough sense of your health history. This guarantees an optimally medicinal yoga sequence for you, though it is not required.

Private sessions are 60 or 90 minutes in length. Contact me to schedule an appointment.


"Emmie's yoga classes are a revelation. Her practice is deep and wide, and the flows she creates within her classes leave us feeling completely rejuvenated and at peace. No two classes are alike, and yet each offers a full body strengthening and limbering experience that is like no other. I treasure her." -Nina C.

"Emmie is special. Not only is she experienced, competent and widely knowledgeable, she cares. Whether one-on-one or in a group, Emmie has an extraordinary ability to tune into the physical and emotional needs of her students. It's an absolute privilege to work with her." -Paul Z. and Doris L.

"Emmie is the best. I consider myself having the most inflexible of bodies. I always feel like a new woman after her gentle yoga class. She uses language that is forgiving, affirming and laced with acceptance. Emmie's knowledge of healing is beyond compare in my estimation. I gave my pregnant daughter a gift certificate for a treatment session. She went on to have a natural childbirth experience. I can't help but attribute her success due to Emmie's preparation. Our community is blessed to be able to benefit from her services." -Marie B.

What to expect from a private yoga session:

  • Refine postural alignment

  • Work on new or challenging physical poses

  • Empower you with the practical tools and self-knowledge of how to appropriately adjust for your body during public classes

  • Remove stagnation from the physical body and from the subtle/pranic body using breathing techniques (pranayama), and individualized sequences.

  • Develop a comfortable sitting posture for meditation

  • Strengthen the bones and muscles

  • Purify and rejuvenate the organs

  • Create a customized “take home” sequence

  • Audio recording of your session

  • Increase peace of mind and physical ease

Public class schedule:
The Arlington Center, 369 Mass Ave Arlington MA. 02474
Thursday: 10-11:30am  & Noon-1pm Gentle & Beginning Yoga