Ayurveda is an elegant, user-friendly system of medicine. It is a sister science to yoga and evolved in India for thousands of years before making its appearance here in the West. There is a saying in Ayurveda, “Everything is medicine and everything is poison." What is medicinal for you at one stage in your life might be detrimental in later years, and may never benefit someone else. Ayurveda encourages us to view everything that exists (food, emotions, thoughts, furniture, everything!) through the lens of the gunas, or qualities.  By aligning with Reality and nature, simple, wise shifts in diet and lifestyle  yield profound health benefits.

In addition to the advisory aspects of a consultation, it is my hope that interested clients will enjoy expanding their knowledge of Ayurvedic principles. I offer workshops throughout the year, and I’m happy to integrate an educational component to private consultations.

समडोषाः समाग्निश्च समधातुमलक्रियाः ।
प्रसन्नात्मेन्ड्रियमनाः स्वस्थ इत्यभिधीयते ॥

The one who is established in Self, who has balanced doṣa-s, balanced agni, properly formed dhātu-s, proper elimination of mala-s, properly functioning bodily processes, and whose mind, soul, and senses are full of bliss, is called a healthy person.                            -Susrutra's Definition of Health

What to expect from a consult with Emmie:

  • In depth discussion about your current physical and mental health
  • Evaluation of your prakriti—your unique Ayurvedic constitution
  • Evaluation of your vikriti—your current state of balance or imbalance
  • Dietary and lifestyle recommendations for restoring balance to your body-mind
  • Herbal medicine formulas for acute, tenacious, or chronic conditions
  • A conversation about what habits (mental or physical) you may have that are no longer serving you, and how to get "unstuck."
  • Personalized yoga postures and breathing techniques, if appropriate
  • Guidelines about cleansing
  • Explanation of basic Ayurvedic principles, if desired
  • Suggested resources emailed to you


*Once you've scheduled your initial consultation, download the Health History form here.
1. Open this document in Adobe Acrobat or another PDF viewer.
2. Fill out the document on your computer.
3. Save the document and name it by replacing my name with yours, like this "HHForm_FirstnameLastname"
4. Email the document to me